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 Official School Rules

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PostSubject: Official School Rules   Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:00 pm

Official School Rules

1. Clothing and Physical Appearance
1.1. Any clothing judged to be obscene or inappropriate in an academic context is forbidden.
1.2. Any clothing that references violence, sex or drugs is forbidden.
1.3. It is forbidden to move about nude or with missing clothing items. The only places this sort of clothing is allowed are at the pool, the gymnasium or training grounds, and the dormitories.
1.4. Skirts must not be shorter than arm’s length.
1.5. Tattoos are allowed as long as they don’t reference violence, sex or drugs. In which case, the tattoo must be covered.
1.6. Piercings are allowed.
1.7. Hats and sunglasses are forbidden during class time.

2. On-Campus Behavior
2.1. Respect towards all personnel and fellow students is mandatory.
2.2. Acts of violence are forbidden and will be punished.
2.3. Any damage to school material, buildings or otherwise is forbidden. You will be obligated to pay for the damages.
2.4. It is forbidden to skip class or to leave without a valid reason.
2.5. Public displays of affection must stay decent.
2.6. Any acts of intimidation, physical or otherwise, are forbidden.
2.7. All behavior that goes against the law is forbidden. The school will not defend you.

3. Outings
3.1. For all students under the age of 18, it is strictly forbidden to leave campus.
3.2. For all students over the age of 18, outings are allowed only if you have permission from the head master or an appropriate member of the personnel.
3.3. Supervised training outings are allowed for all ages above 14.
3.4. Any unauthorized outings will be punished consequently.

4. Dormitory Rules
4.1. During the week, curfew is set at 10h00 for those under 16, and 11h00 for those over 16.
4.2. On weekends, curfew is pushed back to midnight.
4.3. If you are caught doing any sexual act in the dormitories or anywhere else on school grounds, you will be punished.
4.4. It is mandatory to be in your respective rooms after curfew.
4.5. Appropriate clothing is mandatory when moving about in the dorms.
4.6. Voyeurism, be it in the showers or rooms, will be severely punished.

5. Consumption
5.1. Drugs are completely forbidden on campus. If you are caught selling, buying or consuming drugs, the consequences will be dire.
5.2. Alcohol is forbidden, except on special occasions.
5.3. Smoking is only allowed in the given areas (school entrance, side of the dormitory, and the entrance to the gymnasium.)

6. Training and Weapons
6.1. All students over the age of 14 are allowed access to combat training. It is the teacher or other personnel at hand who will choose what weapons you will have access to.
6.2. Certain students will be given private classes in combat training, power use, and otherwise for reasons which the faculty has decided valid. These classes are mandatory and for those who do not attend, there will be consequences.

7. Power use
7.1. Unsupervised use of powers is completely forbidden.
7.2. Any use of your powers against a teacher, faculty member or fellow student won’t be tolerated and will be severely punished.

8. Other
8.1. The use of any electronic device (cellphone, music player, etc.) is forbidden during class time. As a consequence, the device will be confiscated for a period of seven days, then a month, and then the entire year.
8.2. A school store is available to all students. It offers various items, including food, school material and furniture. Of course, these items are not free. For certain students unable to pay for their wanted items, part time jobs are offered all over campus.
8.3. Twice a year, a ‘parent’s day’ is organized. This permits students to see their friends and family. The dates of these days will be available a month in advance.
8.4. In the case of the death of a family member, students are permitted to go to the funeral, accompanied by up to three classmates if desired, under the supervision of a member of the personnel.
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Official School Rules
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