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A place where mutants coexist with each other, learn to control their powers and go on life threatening missions
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 COMA System

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PostSubject: COMA System   Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:25 pm

COMA System

All of the students at the Institute are here for one very specific reason: they are all AEG users. And as such, every single one of them has some kind of gift. From super strength to metamorphosis to telekinesis, mutants’ powers vary greatly, and just like a finger print, no two are exactly the same.

Some gifts are stronger or more destructive than others, just as some are more defensive or stealth based. That is why, not long after the Institute was founded, a ‘type’ system was created: the COMA system (Categorization of Mutant Ability). It is used to divide these powers into categories, or classes.

If it is unclear how a mutant is to be categorized, though they will be considered as being a part of both categories, they will be sorted into only one. This will be decided by the administration or the student themselves, based on which category the student prioritizes the most, or which is in need of the most control. This is because all students have special training classes based on their powers, mostly to keep them under control.

There are five categories total, and they are as follows:

Elemental: someone who can manipulate (control and/or create) an element. It is a very direct power, though depending on the element it can have many uses. Some examples would be fire or shadow manipulation, as well as gravity or time control.

someone who can voluntarily or involuntarily bring upon physical changes to themselves. These include permanent and temporary changes, as well as a limited or unlimited choice of forms. Some examples would be metamorphosis, elasticity or sublimation, as well as enhanced physical capacities.

Seer: someone who has an inhuman level of perception. This includes all types of senses including extrasensory. Some examples would be x-ray vision or precognition.

Psychic: someone who has overdeveloped mental abilities, that may be able to affect others. Some examples include telekinesis, empathy or enhanced intelligence.

Quinte: someone who is able to affect the life energy of itself or others. This can be used in both a positive or a negative way. Some examples would include healing, the ability to boost others or an energy draining ability.

*Sometimes, powers might be referenced as being active or passive. To be active, the power has to have a direct effect on outside elements, meaning that it can cause direct harm or aid. On the other hand, passive powers only affect the user itself.*
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COMA System
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