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A place where mutants coexist with each other, learn to control their powers and go on life threatening missions
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 Official Context

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PostSubject: Official Context   Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:22 pm

Official Context

Professor Jonathan Elrose was a leading scientist in biogenetics, chief of his own laboratory and a well-known figure throughout the world. His son, Gabriel Elrose, was discovered an AEG user at the age of 10. Society being in the state it is when it comes to mutants, Professor Elrose sought to find a way to protect his son. His solution was to found the Institute of Ethyre, a school specially designed for AEG users, as to be able to help his son and the entirety of the young mutant generation.

Though the ultimate goal is to help the young mutants, to gain the aid of the government, Elrose had to accept that the school also be used as a basic study site of the AEG holders. And so, while the students learn to control and harness their powers, the on-ground scientists are permitted to observe them. Because of this, the foundation of the Institute of Ethyre is to be a win-win situation. Through the years that have already passed, this method has proven to be quite effective.
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Official Context
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