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A place where mutants coexist with each other, learn to control their powers and go on life threatening missions
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 Cover Context

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PostSubject: Cover Context   Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:16 pm

Cover Context

The Institute of Ethyre was opened in 2009, after 3 years of construction, by Professor Jonathan Elrose. Born in England in 1962, Elrose is a very intelligent and calculating man. He was a scientist in biogenetics before founding the Institute for the safety and well-education of his son, Gabriel Elrose. The reason for this is that his daughter died at the age of 13 of unknown causes, and then, in 2007, his wife died from a mortal disease. His son is the only thing he has left in his life.

His first demand to build the Institute of Ethyre was denied by the British government and then by the French government. Therefore, he decided to reach further. It was finally the Canadian government who accepted the instauration of this high rate school. So, with his extensive savings made from his high salary, and the help of the government, he founded the Institute.

After only 6 years, it is said to be the most prestigious and exclusive school in the world. Students are few and only allowed to join by personal invitation from the professor himself.
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Cover Context
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