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 Advanced Evolutionary Gene

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PostSubject: Advanced Evolutionary Gene   Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:14 pm

Advanced Evolutionary Gene

Gene name: AEG (Advanced Evolutionary Gene)

Official genetic code: N46LC322951-D16

Common name: Mutant gene

It is believed that evolution has led to the appearance of a new gene among the human race: the AEG. Also known more commonly as the mutant gene, the AEG is a very complex and unique development in human evolution. It has permitted certain individuals of the human race to gain otherwise unthinkable powers.  Individuals who have this new gene are referred to as AEG holders. Those whose powers have manifested, are known as AEG users.

The AEG manifests itself as an advanced group of cells (mutant cells) which lay dormant in certain regions of the body, most commonly in the hands and brain. The region the cells are found in can, and will, affect how their power will be used. An AEG holder can spend their entire life without knowing they have the gene and without waking their power. However, when the cells are woken from their dormant state, it is as a defense mechanism in instances of danger. The bigger the danger, the stronger the reaction.

It is to be noted that an AEG holder’s power is strongly linked to their mental state. As such, the reaction caused by an instance of danger will not necessarily be a logical one. Depending on the age and personality of the holder, the power that manifest in a precise situation will be different. This is the main reason mutant powers are all so different.

As time goes by, the cells evolve, either by multiplying and spreading the reaction, or by getting stronger. This has a direct reaction to the mutant’s power, by making it more powerful and harder to manage, meaning that constant training is required if the AEG user is to maintain control.
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Advanced Evolutionary Gene
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