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 History of Mutants

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PostSubject: History of Mutants   Sun Jul 31, 2016 12:13 pm

History of Mutants

It’s been 63 years since the first officially recorded mutant appearance. At that time, mutants were extremely rare, only a few really, but they were also very dangerous. They had powerful gifts, but couldn’t control them in the slightest. When their powers manifested, all, without exception, had disastrous consequences. There were injuries and there were deaths. The governments around the world tried to contain them and keep them a secret. They wanted to keep them out of the public and study them. However, most of these mutants were too strong, their powers too uncontrollable, and they ended up destroying themselves.

The second generation of mutants was when they were revealed to the public, 37 years ago. It couldn’t be helped; they were more of them, though they were still considered rare. Studies began, and the mutant gene was given its official name: Advanced Evolutionary Gene, or AEG for short. At that time most of the mutants had more stable powers, there were still those who couldn’t keep them under control. There were more disasters, disasters too big to be kept a secret. The normal public was separated in two: those who supported and those who hated the mutants. The latter wanted them gone, exterminated. At that point it might have been possible, they weren’t that many.

However, it’s been 17 years since the mutant break out, and at that moment, it became obvious that extermination was no longer an option. 1 out of 21 people have been found to have the mutant gene, though only 15% have activated powers. It is a fact: the AEG had spread throughout the population in a way beyond repair. Today’s youngest generation represents 84% of all mutants.

Now, governments are searching for solutions and ways to deal with it. Studies have been made, but there is still no explanation as to where the gene came from, why only certain people have it and why there seems to be no connection between any of the powers. So many questions, so little answers.
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History of Mutants
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