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 Lauren Rialee Hecatya [FINISHED]

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Lauren Rialee Hecatya

The Alchemist


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PostSubject: Lauren Rialee Hecatya [FINISHED]   Mon May 22, 2017 1:26 pm

The Forgotten Sibling

Last Name: Hecatya

First Name: Lauren

Title: The Alchemist

COMA Type: Elemental

Nicknames: Ren, Rini, ReRe, Jaylin Taylor, Akiko.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Sexual Orientation: homosexual

Date of Birth: June 13th 2001

Place of Birth: West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, Grimsby Ontario, Canada.

Quote: Something is lost, something is gained, and everything is transformed.

Lauren’s power is not active while in her body.  The only way for her power to become active, is to infuse her power into material objects. To infuse an object with her power, they must be soaked in her blood. However, if her blood was to be infused into another living being, her cells would rip apart the molecules of the other being, literally tearing them apart, piece by piece.

Her power is to control the molecules of the objects she infuses. When molecules pass through one of these objects, they are able to be controlled and manipulated in their actual form, but this only works when she has a physical connection to said object. In this case, her powers were infused to 11 cards and a staff from her childhood; the cards are filters and the staff is an amplifier. The staff is the most powerful of the infused objects, because it was the one item that soaked up the most blood. She is able to transform it into any shape with the same mass, because of the many materials used in the staff. She is so in tune to her powers that she is actually able to hear the molecules humming as they bend to her will, making her very susceptible to sound in that one brief moment when she calls her powers into action. Each infused object affects the molecules differently.

The Shadow Card:
The shadow card is able to crush the molecules together and block out the light. This allows Lauren to cover herself and hide her from others. However, in doing this, the air is thinned and cannot pass through the concentrated molecules. Therefore, she is able to use this card not only for recon, but also to cause suffocation, though her air also becomes scarce. Because of this, it cannot be used for long.

The Light Card:
The light card, on the other hand, is able to attract light particles and release them at any point in a more concentrated form. Therefore, it is useful as a source of light on a recon mission and as a stun attack.

The Fiery Card:
The fiery card is able create heat by speeding up the molecules to a point where they generate enough heat to start a fire. It feeds itself on the oxygen molecules in the air. The card itself, however, is immune to heat.

The Watery Card:
The watery card is able to collect water molecules and in so, bring them together, turning them into flowing water that is completely under her control.

The Earthy Card:
The earthy card can collect and harden the dirt molecules in the air and then manipulate them to creating a shield or a bolder to chuck at enemies.

The Icy card:
The icy card is able to slow molecules to the point where an object starts to freeze. All Lauren has to do is touch the card to an object and it will freeze almost instantaneously.

The Windy Card:
The Windy card allows Lauren to collect the air molecules and move them in any way that she wishes. If she wanted she could make a mini tornado.

The Shrink Card:
The shrink card is able to compress the molecules of an object into a smaller form.

The Grow Card:
The grow card expands/multiplies the molecules of an object into a larger form.

The Jump Card:
The jump card is able to rapidly expand and contract the molecules underneath Lauren’s feet allowing her use the force of the molecules expanding and contracting to jump three times higher than an Olympic high jumper.

The Shot Card:
The shot card is the most unpredictable card that Lauren has in her arsenal. The shot card works much the same way as the jump card. However, it works at a faster rate. Where the jump card is slower and more predictable, the shot card expands and contracts at a faster rate. Therefore, it is harder to control. Also, the shot card is made of only energy, therefore it is harder to direct the molecules that expand and contract behind it. Lauren once had better control of this card, however after trying to power it up by infusing more of her blood with the card it has become much more sporadic and difficult. Normally, when the shot card is used, Lauren is almost completely unable to control it.

Lauren’s biggest weakness is sound vibrations. If someone were to hit her with a sonic boom or use a sound barrier to surround her, it would disrupt the molecules long enough that they would be unable to form a counter attack before she would be able to change the frequency that the molecules are running on. Her hearing also becomes abnormally sensitive during the half a second it takes her to manipulate the molecules. Therefore, the right frequency at that exact moment, could possibly render her deaf, temporarily or permanently, and unable to use her power.

Though her powers are varied and versatile they are not as powerful as as regular elemental with only one element under their control.

Also Lauren is one of the very few mutants that is able to be easily rendered powerless. Taking away her cards and rod leaves her incapable of using her powers.

She also has a limit to how many cards she is able to use at the same time. While she is able use switch her cards out at a moments notice she is unable to use any more then three cards at one time. Any more and Lauren is left weakened and slow, and therefore more susceptible to attacks.

Physical Description:
Lauren is 5’ 0”. She is skinny, long legged, tiny wasted, with small delicate features. She has long crimson hair that frames her heart shaped face. However, she is known to wear bright neon colored extensions. She has emerald green, almond shaped eyes framed by thick black lashes. She has a cute button nose and full delicate ruby red lips. She is long and lean because of her years on the run and so her style is very comfy casual or punk rebel. She has two earrings on her right ear and tattoo on her left shoulder. You will most often see her wearing tutus or miniskirts with fish net stockings, ripped graphic tees, kaki or leather jackets and combat boots with her long hair pulled up out of the way, many times half hidden under a newsboy cap.

Mental Description:
Lauren can be very cold and unfeeling, and often wears an expression of boredom mixed with annoyance. However when she is around people she loves and respects, she is warm, funny and caring, and sarcastic as all get out. She is weary of strangers and never fails to have a sarcastic remark ready to fire on the first person who dares intrude upon her personal space. She has a great dislike for her older sister and she cannot stand a bully. She has a loud mouth and a quick temper that has gotten into alot of trouble over the years, and has a very difficult time trusting anyone thanks to her lifestyle. Lauren actively tries to avoid her sister at all costs and often leaves for months at a time to escape from her “angelically perfect older sibling.” Lauren feels that her sister never cared for her and that she wishes that Lauren would just disappear. There were only two moments that Lauren’s older sister seemed to take an interest in her life and one of those times it was only because Lauren had almost died. This has pushed Lauren into trying to be the exact opposite of her sister. She can and will hold a grudge, but her stubbornness make her very loyal and will kill for the people she loves.

Lauren has very few treasures, but she has managed to collect some special keepsakes that she holds very dear : Her tarot cards and staff, (Gifts from her older sister) her mother’s treasure box, her father’s book, a photo album, a mixed CD, a stuffed bunny, and a bunny lamp (all maybe by her gang),  A pair of worn leather gloves (from a boy she saved)  and a yellow rose ring with vines around the band (given to her as a promise ring by her girlfriend)

Back Story:  
Lauren's parents died when she was very young. She can barely remember their faces now. For as long as she can remember she and her siblings have been on the run, hiding from their mutant hating Uncle. As Lauren had heard,  her uncle was a powerful man with alot of political sway. He had found out that Lauren's older sister was a carrier of the AEG and that her powers had awakened. He had tried to take Lauren's sister away but their parents wouldn't let him. He killed Lauren's parents, whether by accident or on purpose, Lauren had never dared to ask. A fire started and their house burned down.

Lauren, her older sister, her oldest brother Conner and her twin Ed, disappeared that day and went into hiding, moving every few months when people started to get suspicious. They had money taken from their parents vault, but with four rapidly growing children the money was not going to last. At first they picked up odd jobs where they could. But it wasn't enough. So at the age of eight Lauren learned to how to pick pocket. Stealing money to help them survive. Sometimes Lauren would manage to slip a ring off a finger, snatch a couple earrings from a jewelry store.  Her sister always gave her hell when she caught her pawning jewelry she nicked, or putting a wallet in the lost and and found after she had take the cash inside.

After one very bad fight, Lauren took the small amount of money she saved for herself, her Hello Kitty back and ran away. She had asked her twin to come with her, but he had wanted to stay. The sting of his betrayal pushed her into going father then she ever would have dared. She managed to make it all the way to L.A. in haze of anger and resentment.

Once there she fell in with a local street gang called B.A.P's, and she stayed. She didn't try to leave. Didn't want to. They feed her, gave her new clothes, treated her like an equal. When she showed them how she could pick pocket, and weed out targets, the called her a strategist, taught her how to fight, plan, shoot. They became her family. After a while they started asking for her advice on raids and plans. They trusted and respected her judgement. She loved them. And they cared about her in return. And so Lauren stayed.

Two years passed and Lauren was now twelve. Her sister had found her once in the 3 years she had spent with the B.A.P's. It had been her birthday and her sister had given her rod and a few tarrot cards. They were mixed and mashed but the fact that her sister had remembered that she had loved the show Card Captor Sakura had been... Nice.

One day she was walking the streets, scanning the crowds for anyone that might want to buy the product she was carrying. It was her gang's best source of income, and little innocent looking Lauren when under the radar for drug cops that might pass by. Without warning she was pulled into an alley. She smelled something sweet, and was out like a light.

When she woke up she was chained to wall. Studying her surroundings she wondered if it was a trap by the Vipers. (A rival gang that had been encroaching on their territory for the past two years).

It hadn't been.

It was a trap made for her sister by goons her uncle had hired. Lauren had been tortured for hours. There was no line that wasn't crossed, and by the end Lauren could barely think through the pain. They were trying to get her to reveal where her sister was hiding. For as much as Lauren didn't like her sister, she loved her brothers, and if it came down to it, she knew that if someone tried to take any of the siblings, each of them would die to protect them. She would never put her brothers in danger like that. She wasn't going to sell them out.

When they realized this they brought out her cards and rod which her sister had given her. Lauren carried them around everywhere. They were the most thoughtful gift her sister had ever given her. The one present that had been a frivolous waste. And Lauren loved them.

She had managed to escape her cuffs long enough to grab the rod and a hand full of cards before the rest were tossed into the fire they had started in the corner of the room. Next was her B.A.P jacket. It was her symbol of the home she had found, the family that had adopted her as their own. The loss of the jacket ripped her heart out and she screamed as they threw it into the crackling flames. As if it was garbage. As if it was nothing.

After her precious treasures were nothing but ash they continued to hurt her, in new and creative ways. Lauren screamed and sobbed but she didn't beg. And she didn't tell them a thing.

That's when they dragged in Kadaj. A friend and a mutant part of an allied gang. Lauren had no idea how they had found him. The only explanation was that they had taken her cellphone and found their recent texts. If that was true... her B.A.P's where in serious trouble. There would be time to worry about them later if she got out of this thing alive.

But right then it was Kadaj in the line of fire and there was nothing she could do to help him. She was bleeding heavily and to weak to stand up on her own. Every part of her body felt as if it was on fire. He didn't look too hot either, a goose egg was already forming on his temple and he was sporting a shiner on his right eye. Yet he still tried to save her. Every time they moved to hit her he took up a defensive stance in front of her. That didn't last. Soon he was on the ground, unconscious from the multiple beatings.

Lauren could barely keep her eyes open her precious cards were soaked in her blood and her rod was the same. She was dying. And when they leveled a gun at her friends head, and demanded answers one final time she could barely croak a response. Kadaj looked at her, but it wasn't a damning look it was a look of pride, and withdrawn acceptance at was was about to happen.

Lauren didn't want to accept this. She didn't want to be the cause of this. The safety came off. A finger curled around the trigger just as a surge of adrenaline kicked through Lauren's system. And in the split second before the trigger was pulled Lauren's rod fell onto a card.

Twin shots rang out at the same time. Kadaj and the man holding the gun topled over. The bullet had somehow missed Kadaj's head, and the man holding the gun now had a hole through the center of his throat. Another surge of adrenaline had Lauren up on her feet as more guards rushed in. She touched the rod to another card, surprise flashing at the fact they were now dry as a bone without any trace of blood on them, but she clamped down on it as fire roared forward lighting two of the men on fire. She moved to a third card hearing that buzz she had missed the first two times. In that spilt second she imagined that buzz slowing down and two more guards had both their feet and hands frozen in ice.

The surge of adrenaline was wearing off now. But the guards kept coming. She touched another card and the guards were thrown back by a sudden gust of wind their heads slamming into the wall so hard they left a red stain behind.

The guards in ice were breaking free and Lauren forced one more card into action. Large rocks and bricks flew towards the guards bashing them in the face over and over until blood ran from their eyes ears and noses.

Lauren slammed to ground, completely drained. Her vision tunneled and it felt as if there was cotton stuffed in her ears. Everything felt so far away. The last thing she saw was the worried faces of her gang above her, and then she passed out.

Thanks to the joint efforts of her gang and her sister, both Lauren and Kadaj had lived through the affair. But her time with the gang was over. Lauren had been found out and now she had to leave. She warned her gang that more men might be coming, and they probably knew that they were important people to her. She begged them to get away. But Kadaj and the others were just as stubborn as she was. They told her if the men came back, they would show them exactly why you didn't mess with their family. The fact that it had all taken place in their territory had the boys chomping at the bit for a fight.

But they wanted Lauren to leave, leave and not tell them where to find her or how to get in touch. They wanted her so far away that if those goons ever came back, Lauren would be well out of the blast radius. So Lauren left L.A. with tears in her eyes, scars on her body and her siblings at her side.

Two weeks later, Lauren was watching the news. Tears streaming down her face she saw the footage of police raiding their hide out and finding the bodies of her adopted family scattered around the floor. The men had come back. Just like she had warned. And they had come for blood. They had gotten it too. It had been a massacre. The police had ruled it as gang violence. But Lauren saw it for what it was. They had tortured them. There was gore but it was all to neat. To professional to be anything else.

And it was her fault.

Lauren and her siblings would run all over the world after that, even going as far as to hide in Japan for a while. In the four years after the incident Lauren would only find herself able to open up to one other person. Her girlfriend Sunny. And she vowed that no one would ever take this most precious person away.

Never again.


The next time Lauren had been in L.A. a boy named Gabriel had come for her, to take her to a special school for mutants like her. And surprisingly she had agreed. She took her little Hello Kitty backpack, now worn and battered with age, and a small suitcase; leaving her beautiful motorcycle behind with her brothers.

She turned away from L.A. for the second time and she could only hope that the next time she turned on the T.V history wouldn't repeat itself, and she wouldn't see her brothers or Sunny's body on the six o'clock news.

Because that was the one thing she could not take.

On the Other Side

Name: Tiny

Age: 21

Do you have any experience with forums: Not really

How did you end up here: I kinda helped make this. Sort of I guess

Why is a Raven like a Writing desk? [answer verified by admin]
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PostSubject: Re: Lauren Rialee Hecatya [FINISHED]   Tue May 23, 2017 5:09 pm

Very nice introduction ^^

Lauren seems to be a very versatile character, with a bit of attitude. She'll fit in quite well here at the institute. Character sheet validated, hope you enjoy your time here with us.

Welcome to the Institute of Ethyre.


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Lauren Rialee Hecatya [FINISHED]
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