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 Gabriel Nathan Elrose

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Gabriel Nathan Elrose

Angel of Darkness (Admin)


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PostSubject: Gabriel Nathan Elrose   Wed May 17, 2017 6:32 pm

The Tortured Angel

Last Name: Elrose

First Name: Gabriel Nathan  

Title: Angel of Darkness

COMA Type: Psychic

Nickname(s): Gabe

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Date of Birth: November 18th

Place of Birth: London, England

Quote: “Death is sometimes the only way out.”

Gift: Gabriel has large ebony wings, supposedly giving him the capacity of flying. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with them, and for some reason, he is unable to lift off the ground. However, that is not Gabriel’s only power. The Angel of Darkness is also capable of creating the illusion of great pain and suffering. It is a mental hold where the victim feels as if their muscles are about to rip apart, their blood is boiling to the point of burning them from the inside and their head is about to explode. It is not actual physical damaged, and so cannot be healed, and it is almost impossible to counter.

Weakness: As mentioned before, though Gabriel has wings, he is unable to fly. For his mental capability, though very strong, it is also very uncontrollable. It only manifests by instinct, sometimes even when it is unwanted.

Physical Description: Saying that Gabriel is easy on the eyes would be the understatement of the century. He has a dark olive skin, as well as deep midnight blue eyes that are almost black. His hair is shoulder length and as dark as ebony to match his wings.  He’s thin, but still muscular and well defined. He also has a tattoo: starting on the left side of his chest, a dragon, drawn in deep black ink, roars with its wings spread wide. The dragon’s tail continues and wraps around his lower back ending on his right hip.  All in all, he fits the tall, dark and dangerous type perfectly.  

Gabriel is the kind of guy to wear a pair of simple, but expensive, black jeans with a v-neck t-shirt or a muscle shirt. He often has on his steel toed boots, but unbeknown to most, he would rather walk around barefoot. He also wears a long trench coat, mostly to hide his wings which go down past his lower back, and he only takes it off sometimes during training. His ears are pierced by silver hoops; two on the right, one on the left, his bottom lip is pierced as well and he also wears a total of six rings, each of which has a particular significance to him. Gabriel’s most prized possession is also a ring, embedded with diamonds and rubies. He wears it on a silver chain around his neck and has a tendency of reaching for it when he is troubled.

Mental Description: Gabriel is well-known for being obnoxious and narcissistic and yet, with his good looks and solitary life style, he is fallen for by many though he tends to reject those offers. Gabriel can be very manipulative, but will only use this skill as a last resource; he would rather use his own strengths to get what he wants instead of playing on other peoples weaknesses.  

Gabriel can often seem distant, never getting too close to anyone. He seems to have a… conflicted relationship with his father, Professor Elrose, but no one is quite sure about the story behind it. Gabriel never speaks of his mother, but if someone were to dare to insult her or desecrated her image, they would undoubtedly be next found unconscious and covered in blood. It is a very touchy subject for the Angel of Darkness and he would defend her at any cost.

Gabriel Elrose’s back story, though written and very much real, can sadly not be revealed for the sake of the Forum’s story. This is due to the simple fact that Gabriel is Jonathan Elrose’s son. This means that in revealing Gabriel’s past, an important part of the Professor’s past would also be revealed and that would be very much unacceptable. So instead, here are a few simple and more well-known facts about Gabriel.
Gabriel was originally the younger son of a traditional four person household. He had an older sister of about 4 years. All that is known about her is that she died many years ago. How exactly that happened though, seems to be a complete mystery. His mother has also joined the dead. There are many rumors surrounding her death, which was a little less than a year before the school was founded. But the most common rumor has something to do with a  mortal illness.

The only other well-known fact is actually more of a rumor: even though he has wings, no one has actually ever seen Gabriel fly. His wings themselves, he usually keeps hidden. This keeps anyone from inspecting his wings too closely. Close enough for someone to see exactly what is wrong with them, which they would easily be able to do, if they knew what they were looking for.

On the Other Side

Name: Ressa

Age: 19

Do you have any experience with forums: If I didn't, we wouldn't be here.

How did you end up here: Plot character!! king
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Gabriel Nathan Elrose
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