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 No Breaks [Open RP]

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Elena Lexis Elderin

Demon's Eye (Admin)


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PostSubject: No Breaks [Open RP]   Tue May 16, 2017 6:54 pm

Elena had already thoroughly examined the room around her, though there wasn't much to see. White walls, one decently sized window with a ledge large enough to sit on, a single metal framed bed, a nightstand with a small lamp, as well as a sturdy desk. On the latter, there sat a pile of rather large textbooks, accompanied by what Elena could only guess was what the average student would need for school.


The thought itself made her laugh. How long had it been since she'd set foot in a school? Not since back then. During the time everything was peaceful, during the time she was still innocent. During the time they were still alive. The thought brought Elena back to the harsh truth that was reality. She couldn't let herself be distracted by the illusory haven Elrose had presented.

Elena turned her attention to the bundle of handouts that had been given to her at her arrival. She pulled out a campus map from the bunch. Looking over it attentively, her attention was immediately brought to the numerous facilities entitled 'Training grounds'. Hopefully, there would be something productive to do there.


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Lauren Rialee Hecatya

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PostSubject: Re: No Breaks [Open RP]   Tue Jun 06, 2017 6:27 pm

Lauren stared at her room with her hands on her hips. Even with her few belongings scattered around the dorm room the place still looked like something out of an insane asylum. She would need to get some new things, because that bed soo didn't look comfortable. There were books pencils and notepads piled on the desk. Obviously they were talking this whole school thing really seriously.

Bright side? There was a training center and Lauren was dying to see it. There might even be a shooting range and wouldn't that be awesome? Even if there wasn't, someone had to be as board out of their skull as she was. After all the best way to kill boredom was to beat the living snot out of someone. At least that had been her experience.

Lauren dug in her pocket for the crumpled piece of paper that was the map of the school and tried her best to flatten it out. She scanned the paper carefully, unwilling to look like a complete and total dunce walking around with a map in her hand like some lost freshman.

Once she was sure she knew where she was headed, she left her room and made her way over to the training center. Maybe I'll even make some new friends, she thought sneering. That is so something Elizabeth would say. But I will definitely meet someone. Lauren amended as she walked through the doors. Her smile widened. Time to see what these people are made of.
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No Breaks [Open RP]
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