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 Elena Lexis Elderin [Finished]

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Elena Lexis Elderin

Demon's Eye (Admin)


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PostSubject: Elena Lexis Elderin [Finished]   Wed Aug 10, 2016 1:59 pm

The One Who Sees All

Last Name: Elderin

First Name: Elena Lexis

Title: Demon's Eye

COMA Type: Seer

Nicknames: Elena, no nicknames

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Date of Birth:

Place of Birth:

Quote: “Hang on to your morals and die, or do whatever it takes to survive.”

Gift: Elena has the power to see things that no one else can. Her mutant cells are concentrated in her eyes and they make her vision more evolved than any other human or animal in existence. She has a complete awareness of her peripheral view, allowing her to see almost everywhere at once, and it is so precise, that she can see even the smallest speck of dust. This is very useful to Elena, it allows her to notice everything that is happening around her and it has taught her to become very attentive. She has also mastered lie detecting and the comprehension of body language in general, making it impossible to hide something from her.

The Demon’s Eye’s power, however, is capable of reaching a whole other level entirely. Amongst other things, Elena has the capacity to see what was commonly dubbed an aura. Auras are in fact physical reactions caused by certain states of emotions. Most animals can sense, some more precisely than others, these auras without actually seeing them. The different emotions will be released into the air as a mix of pheromones and energy, tainting the space around the person or animal in different colors. Every living being with the capacity to think has an aura which is specific to him, her or it. Auras will temporarily leave traces behind on everything they touch, and they can end up permanently infusing a material object if the two are confronted often enough.

Elena’s power also spreads to the levels of infrared and ultraviolet. This means that she can detect heat and lack of it, as well as being able to see things that would otherwise only have been possible with an ultraviolet light.
And finally, Elena has the power that many would like to get their hands on. She is capable of differentiating an AEG holder from an ordinary human being. Not only so, but she is also capable of seeing the origin and the basis of a mutant’s power. This is possible because the mutant cells, once activated, will produce a faint energy that will disturb the air. However, this energy is not visible to the naked eye. As for the basis of the power, the reaction is a lot vaguer and is not the same for everyone, but is always present and always clear.

The fact that Elena was practically born with her power, is the only reason she is capable of understanding any of it. If anyone else were to see through her eyes, they would be completely confused and/or entirely overwhelmed.

Weakness: Having grown up being able to see everything, including sound vibrations, odor and flavor particles or up to the smallest detail of an object’s texture, all of Elena’s senses are dulled. In fact, she is completely deaf and her senses of smell and taste are almost non-existent. If Elena was ever blinded, though it is not an easy feat, she would become instantly helpless. It would be the same feeling as falling into a deep dark silent never-ending hole.

Physical Description: Elena is beautiful, and she knows it. She has a thin yet curved silhouette, a perfect hour-glass figure, which could only be complimented by her pale, delicate skin. She has jet black hair, just long enough to brush against her shoulders, a small nose and full lips. She also has a tattoo in the form of a star on her left shoulder, where it comes from is a mystery to everyone except the Demon’s Eye herself. However, the fact remains that Elena has a very attractive body and she is not afraid to show it off.

But even then, the most fascinating thing about Elena is her eyes. Her natural eye color is a bright royal blue. But when her power activated, Elena became one of the rare mutants whose power is permanently physically noticeable; her right eye turned purple. Not only that, but her iris is a constant swirl of shades of violet, always in movement. The effect is very fascinating.
On the other hand, Elena is a very fashionable person, wearing very modern clothes. She always wears black, usually mixed in with very showy colors, and a lot of jewelry. She is very feminine, often wearing heels and short skirts. She is also rarely seen without one of her pairs of thick sunglasses, used to protect her sensitive eyes and hide her purple iris. Altogether, she has a very edgy and fashionable look.

Mental Description: If Elena were to be described in one word, that word would be cold. She isn’t ashamed of using others for her own gain, no matter the situation or the consequences. She will do whatever it takes to have her way, and she is very good at it. Her power lets her notice when people are lying, and she uses that knowledge to make sure that her own bluffs are undetectable. She will play whatever role necessary for the situation, be it the nice girl, the seductress or the rebel.
However, underneath all her lies and manipulative faces, Elena is simply cold. Almost empty. Through all that she has lived through, she has basically given up on humanity in general. She is only alive, because she believes that she has to avenge her parents before letting it all go. This makes her a merciless, heartless and very selfish person without real fear. Or so she wants to believe. The fact is that Elena subconsciously reaches for a purpose to life, never wanting to really disappear. Afraid that the life she has lived filled with agony and sorrow was just that: agony and sorrow, nothing more.

Other: Her mutant name, Demon's Eye, was something she was called many time's when she was younger, and she uses it as motivation to keep her going, fueling herself with the hate it reminds her of.

Back Story

In a near future, humans are beginning to evolve back to their basic instinct: survival. As such, bizarre cases have started to appear of people developing... powers... a physical reaction on the molecular level, when put under intense stress or mortal danger. The power depends on the situation, on the environment, on the mindset of the person, as well as many other factors, making it so no two powers are exactly the same. The people who develop these powers are proof of a gigantic step in the evolution of the human race, or as others seem them, simple abnormal mutants. Here is the story of one mutant in particular:

One day, or rather night, a baby girl was born. Pale, delicate skin, a few dark hairs at the top of her head, and big deep blue eyes. She was beautiful and perfect in every way; healthy, smiling and under the care of a caring young couple. However, nothing is ever really perfect. A few weeks after her birth, the baby started showing signs or an infection, and not just any infection; she had gangrene in her right eye.

The young couple was left in shock. They had to stop the infection by all means before it could affect the brain, but the risks of preforming surgery on such a young child were so great, that they feared for the life of their baby. In the end, though, they didn't have to do anything; the baby healed on its own. It was an impossible feat and yet it had been performed.

However, the baby was not the same after that; only one of her deep blue eyes was left. The other had become so much more. Swirls of different shades of purple were in constant movement in the child's right eye, a beautiful yet disturbing sight.

The baby's parents were forced to admit what their child had become; a mutant, and at such a young age. Though, this did not matter to the couple. They had already feared losing their child once, they weren't going to simply abandon her after that.

Throughout her childhood, Elena's powers became more and more apparent. She was able to see... everything. Be it details like fingerprints or a simple muscle twitch, to things scientists still reject exist, like auras. Her visual perception was twenty times more rapid than normal, and still becoming faster every year, making her able to spot even a floating speck of dust. However, with her enhanced sight, all her other senses became dulled. She saw odors and sound vibrations in the air, could easily read lips and with that, her body had simply adapted in consequence.

The more Elena's power became apparent, the more she was rejected again and again by schools, doctors, children and other people in general for her difference. Yet, somehow, she managed to stayed untainted. Running around, laughing, forever loved by the only two people in the world that cared or mattered: her parents.

But then, they were taken away.

It happened one evening, while the small family was eating supper. A loud knock on the door, more demanding than asking for entry. Elena's father stood up and cautiously advanced towards the door, all the while motioning his wife to bring Elena into the other room. Elena already knew something was wrong, the dirty brown auras, a mix of red hatred and green wickedness, was seeping through the cracks of the door frame.

Hidden in the other room, Elena wasn't sure what was going on. Loud sounds were coming from the dining room, but she couldn't make out what they meant. It was only when she saw the faint wisp of red vapor in the air that she realized and yet refused to accept what was going on.

Vibrations on the hardwood floor, louder and louder, followed by three large men... one of which was covered in blood. Why were they here? What exactly had they done to her father? Elena started crying, her mother hushed her gently, the men started demanding for the young girl. Of course, her mother refused, hiding the child behind her. The men's demands got louder, the threats more terrifying, until they simply grabbed Elena's mother, her hand slipping out of the small child's grasp. It was then that Elena noticed the knife one of the men was holding; what happened next, no one, especially not a child, should ever have to witness.

That was the day Elena broke inside. The events that followed made sure she stayed that way even up until this day.

A cage. That was where the mutant haters put her, because that was what they were: mutant haters. That was why her parents were killed and that was why she spent the next 6 months of her life in a cage. All because these people hated mutants, said they weren't human.

Elena grew to like the cage. As long as she was in the cage nothing bad happened. No, the bad things happened when they took her out of the cage. Unspeakable things. They only ever took her out for tests, torture or... other deeds. She began to think this would be her life, that she would never get out. However, she did. Someone helped her, helped free her. Though even when she left that cage, that lab, she still wasn't free not yet. The men who had killed her parents were still alive, and she wouldn't be free until they weren't.

In the years that followed, Elena grew stronger. An orphan, and an outcast, she grew up on the streets, doing whatever it took to survive. Everything had already been taken from her, so she didn't mind selling away the nothingness that was left. The only thing that kept her alive was her thirst for revenge. She trained herself physically, learning to fight, to use weapons, building up her endurance, and mentally, discovering and exploring the reaches of her power, the new things that appeared in her vision, as her power evolved every day.

When all of this was over, when the men were gone, only then would she be able to rest in peace.

Present Day

Elena stopped walking, finally accepting the inevitable. The white limousine pulled up, but Elena wasn’t surprised of its presence. She had known for a while that they were following her. However, what they wanted was a mystery. A mystery to which she would soon have the answer.

The driver’s door opened, revealing the presence of a very tall, very muscular man. The moment he stepped out, his eyes locked themselves on Elena. His face was all seriousness, but his aura revealed that he was wary, frightened even. He knew she was a mutant, but he wasn’t sure what danger she represented. He obviously wasn’t in charge, probably a bodyguard.

No, the person in charge was sitting in the back seat, yet to come out. However, Elena could already see his aura seeping out the cracks of the white vehicle. Compared to his companion, this one didn’t have an ounce of fear towards her. He was confident, though slightly angry. Elena didn’t like it.

“So, is he coming out?” Elena asked sweetly, gesturing the back of the limousine. The bodyguard frowned, not expecting such a calm reaction. He slowly made his way to the closed door never letting Elena out of his sight. He pulled on the vehicle’s handle, only a bit, just so that a small gap was present.

“Sir?” He questioned hesitantly. An unclear mumble came from behind the tinted window, disguised by the light purr of the motor. “Of course… Yes, sir,” the bodyguard responded, opening the door all the way.

A man in his fifties exited the vehicle, a gentle look on his face. He took a few steps towards her, though keeping a safe distance, before he began to speak. He introduced himself as Professor Jonathan Elrose, founder of the Institute of Ethyre. He said he would like to accompany her there. His words sounded like any mutant’s dream. He spoke of a place where she would be safe, a place where she could be amongst others like herself, a place where she could belong: a school for mutants. She would get a proper education, she would be able to train her power and, best of all, she would never have to sleep in the streets again. All her troubles would be over.

Except that that was far from the truth. He didn’t know what she had gone through. He didn’t understand anything about her. He wasn’t even a mutant himself! He didn’t know what they had done. The actions that were etched into her brain, never to disappear. Elena’s frustration got the better of her. She threw herself at the man, brandishing a dagger that had been hidden under her clothing. However, before she could get to him, the bodyguard grabbed her.

“You know nothing! Don’t dare to pretend you do!” she screamed, fighting against the larger man’s grip. “I don’t need your help or your pity! I can take care of myself!”

The professor sighed, shaking his head slowly. “I do not speak the contrary. All the same, I must insist. You have been leaving a trail, and others are suffering from it.”

Elena ended up agreeing, not because she cared for others, because that wasn’t at all the case, but more so because she knew she was no match in hand to hand combat against the abnormally large bodyguard. She also had the itching feeling that she would discover something that would end up being rather interesting at this school of theirs.

That is how, Elena Lexis Elderin found herself at the Institute of Ethyre.

On the Other Side

Name: Ressa

Age: 18

Do you have any experience with forums: If I didn't, we wouldn't be here.

How did you end up here: I am the ultimate creator!!
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Elena Lexis Elderin [Finished]
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